Social Prescribing 

Do you have a patient you feel would benefit from being in a tranquil outdoor space where they can meet people, enjoy nature and do some gardening if they want? We can offer a number of services for a range of different clients.

Volunteers filling raised beds in the Five A Day Garden

Social Prescribing  


OVER 70’s

The Thyme Together project is a friendly social group for seniors with a focus on activities that enhance health and wellbeing in a natural garden environment. It is an inclusive group which incorporates many aspects of therapeutic horticulture and is comprised of attendees who face a range of issues, from limited mobility, sensory impairment, to cognitive issues, and feelings of social isolation. These sessions are free (subject to grant funding) and transport can be provided by Carebus if you live in the Eastern parishes of West Berkshire.


If you have clients who have their own transport but maybe are isolated or have become socially anxious then they could be referred to one our regular volunteer sessions. These offer a wider variety of activities and are sociable but at the same time can offer some peace a quiet if necessary.

For more information please contact us by email at or text on 07555184343


Volunteers digging beds in the Five A Day Garden

I really enjoy being part of this group and look forward to our weekly meetings and has been such a bonus being able to use the Village Hall throughout the winter.

Debs and her team who are so caring and have got to know us well as individuals plan a wide range of activities so that there is something for everyone

Volunteering at Five a Day has given me so much at a really tough time in my life and I have met so many great people and made some good friends.  The garden is a lovely place to be, it’s quiet and tranquil and I can see how much everyone who comes to the garden enjoys it and leaves with a smile on their face, including me

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