Outdoor Learning 

This six week course available to students year 9+, will focus all aspects of managing a horticultural space and will be led by an experienced session leader. It will be of interest to anyone interested in a career in horticulture or in outdoor education.

Outdoor Learning Student at Five a Day Garden

“My daughter just loves coming to these sessions. It covers a wide range of topics and they love hearing from people already in the horticultural industry”

Outdoor Learning Students at Five A Day Garden

Outdoor Learning 

The objectives of the course are to provide an understanding of how to manage a growing space sustainably and safely. Students will:

  • understand the different aspects of the garden space and why they are all important.
  • how to create the right environment for healthy crops.
  • the growing season.
  • why we need different areas for different needs – raised beds for mobility needs, increased precautions for young children and older people etc.
  • running outdoor activities safely.
  • HS&E

At the end of the course if they complete their workbook they can obtain certificate in outdoor learning.

If you have a pupil interested please contact us by email at info@fiveaday.org.uk or by text on 07555184343.


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