Corporate Groups 

Looking for an opportunity to give back to the community or want somewhere to volunteer as part of a team day? Then there are great opportunities to do this at Five a Day.

 Just as important, our team days are great fun, and it’s always good to have a day out of the office! More and more companies are demonstrating their corporate social responsibilities by volunteering for local projects and helping the local community. We can offer a variety of activities. In the past teams have  helped us turn our large compost heaps, clean poly tunnels, construct raised beds and create a cut flower garden.

Corporate Volunteers at Five A Day Garden

A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day.  Great support from the people on site and I’ve really got to know many of my colleagues much better

Great day and really fun.  Very rewarding to see the progress and how it will benefit the community.  It would be great to be able to come back and help again! Great for team work. Highly recommended!

Corporate Groups 

We find more with the modern way of working a lot of teams don’t get lots of time to spend together getting to know each other. What better way than in the outdoors having some fun and at the same time helping older people or disabled kids.

Either you can put us on your Community volunteering database as a potential option for your employees or you can arrange for a  team to attend. We can handle teams from 5 to 20 in size for a day’s activties. Typically these days start at 9.30am and continue to 3pm and are free of charge. Please contact us for further details.





Volunteers digging beds in the Five A Day Garden

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